TISSUNION EUROP is operational

2020/03/30 h 15:00.

According to the Ateco classification code 17.02, our company supply products and services of prime necessity, that’s the reason why we will continue to offer our services following the Prime Minister’s decree of 22 March 2020.

Due to the fluid nature of this pandemic, we know that there is uncertainty about service, production and results. For that reason we want to update you on our current state of operations and tell how we face and manage this actual business climate in constant development.

Our first priority continues to be health of people and the respect for rules in order to do our part in containing the spread of Codiv 19  as much as possible.

We took measures in the whole company to mitigate the risk for our employees especially through smart working and social distance programs.

We want to assure you that from the beginning we have activated the necessary measures, in this way our structures work in complete safety, and our products remain safe.



All our suppliers are currently included in the Ateco codes for the necessary services, so our supplies can be preserved.

By adopting a forward-looking purchasing strategy based on multiple procurement, we also minimized the risk of shortages of raw and sudsidiary materials.

We are actively monitoring the impact on our extensive suppliers’ network, taking proactive measures to ensure availability of both the parts.



As always, our duty is to provide excellent customer service to meet your expectations. This includes compliance with all delivery and shipping commitments.

Please keep in mind that at this time, due to excessive requests from all customers, for all new orders we have deliveries about 5/6 weeks from the date of the order.

This commitment, however, depends on a number of factors beyond our control, including regulations and restrictions implemented by the competent authorities and their jurisdiction.

Furthermore, we are facing restrictions on transport by land and by sea, with consequent delays in the movement of goods and their clearance.

The consequences of this reality include difficulties and probable delays from our logistics partners. However, we are actively working together with all our logistics partners to minimize the consequences of these potential complications.

We would like to thank our people who make it possible and all of you, our partners, because we know that you are facing the period with us.

We can assure you that we will always respect the regulations in force, especially to protect our complete staff.

Paolo Grazzini – Safety and Quality department.