Our products are 100% safe!!

2020 June 17 at 13:00.

Following three months of the state of emergency caused by Covid-19, our company continues to produce at full capacity by ensuring safety to our workers as well as our consumer.

During this period none of our employees has been affected by the awful virus, which has brought down the whole word instead. This is also thanks to the prevention measures which have been promptly undertaken by us, with a continuous formative action made towards our workers and employees.

Moreover, a serologic test made to everyone who belongs to our company has removed all doubts about any possible affected people. In fact, It has brought to evidence the 100 % negative results.

For these reasons, we can keep claiming that our product has always been safe and still it is, concerning all the sensitive different uses of our consumer!

Therefore, our customers can keep counting on us, considering our company reliable, while we will continue to offer them the best quality in hygiene and service as well.

Paolo Grazzini – Safety and Quality department.